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Mobile Fräsen-Systeme

Mill in work producing some dust

KMMCS climbs steep hill

KMMCS from back at a path

explosion as seen from driver cabin
View of an anti personnel mine explosion
from the driver cabin


  Length without milling head   5000 mm
  Length Total

  7000 mm

  Width Total   3000 mm
  Working Width   2600 mm
  Height   2850 mm
  Weight Total   36.000 kg
  Chain Width   each 800 mm
  Ground Pressure   0,45 kg/cm²  *
  Climb Ability (steep rise)   40 °
  Ground Clearance   800 mm
  Wading Depth   1200 mm
  usable at   Jungle
  River bank
  Depth of the cultivation, adjustable   constant, max 1000 mm
  Power   750 PS
  Impulse   total hydraulic
  Temperature Range   -20°C - +45°C
  Speed during work   1,5-2 km/h
  Clearing achievement   4000 m²/h
  average 20-30.000 m²/day
  reachable 50.000 m²/day
  No obstacles   Trees (up to 30 cm Ø)
  Soccerball sized stones
  Operator environment   air-conditioned, dust free,
  compressed air-protected,
  noise-dammed cab with
  bullet-proof glass


* Ground Pressure in Comparison

Machine track with person beside: illustration for ground pressure

Ground pressure machine:

36.000 kg / ((80 cm width left chain + 80 cm width right chain) × 500 cm) length
= 0,45 kg/cm²


Agricultural traktor: 0,5 kg/cm²

Ground pressure human:
human foot pressure of man at one foot during walking with tool:
130 kg / (10 cm width left or right foot × 29 cm length)
= 0,45 kg/cm²

Ground pressure horse, standing:
approx. 800 kg / (4 legs × 250 cm² (as of 18 cm Ø hoof ))
= 0,8 kg/cm²


 Mobile Fräsen-Systeme

The demining machines build on the experience of the forest Krohn tiller and take into account the special needs for clearance of the different types of ordnance. The milling heads included chisels fitted rolls of high-performance steel, which destroy vegetation, stones and mines or unexploded ordnance while their fast rotation.

In same time the ground is prepared for later versatile use. Thanks to its hydraulic milling heads working depth can be adjusted constantly between 5 and 100 cm.
The mechanical fast-connections make module quick-exchange easy to adapt to multiple uses. Therefore, every mill is also the basic tool for many types of civilian applications such for road or track construction and plantation renewal or forest fire prevention.
For mine clearance, there are 3 modules: the first is fitted to the destruction of the mines, the second for the crushing of mine and unexploded ordnance remains. Third follows a separate special tractor that transports control personnel and collects ferrous ammunition scrap magnetically and performs internal quality control, so that the area is purely mechanical mine-free and the official inspection can be done. This procedure is part of the KMMCS and use in Mozambique has shown that this approach makes sense because it has achieved a 100% minefree status.
Transportation of KMMCS at an ordinary flatbed trailer The system is designed that it can pass through 1.2 m water depth, masters up to 40 degree slope in the forward and reverse, growth is not an obstacle, the weight of 36 tons causes a soil pressure corresponding to that of a human footprint, so that the machine does not sink into soil.
The transport measurements are in the ranges of normal values for the road-traffic, so no escort vehicle is required. All components are standard parts that are available worldwide.
The main parts of the machine are with us as spare parts.


Mobile Crusher on Chains
It searches, finds and destroys mines of all kind without endangering people and without manual help and therefor makes unnecessary all high-tech sensors.
It can be used also in extreme conditions.
The modular heads are changable, the milling heads can rotate in both directions.

Unbeaten Security: Just on a mechanical manner the KMMCS reaches a clearing quality of 99,8% and exceeds the UN humanitarian standard (First edition). After the "Internal Quality Control" it serves 100% clearing quality.


It is the first totally mechanical Mine Clearance System of the world. This is the reason to establish a new category in Mine Clearance:

Stand Alone Mechanical Mine Clearance

And moreover:

It is the only system for simultaneously demining and recultivation


KMMCS - Maschinelle Minenräumung und Bodensanierung
(KMMCS - Mechanical Mine Clearance and Soil Rehabilitation)
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